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Why I hitched my wagon to Wix's star

The website design game is changing. No longer does it seem like wizardry to be able to get a site online. Ten plus years ago when I started this little enterprise it was a different story. Back in the oghts ('03, '04) a person had to have a little bit of a clue on how to create .html or .php pages, you had to know how to use FTP, you had to know how to set .htaccess files, and you had to know other acronyms to just to sound smart. You don't need to do know that now. Now the average 6th grader can, with a few clicks,(slight exaggeration for effect) get a nice site up and running.

The ever growing number of DIY programs including Wix are becoming faster, smarter and better than anything we've seen before.

I've tried the most of the major DIY programs and have settled on Wix.com. Wix has some pretty slick features, but the biggest draw is the easy at which the average user can get comfortable editing a site. There still is a learning curve, and my friends is my angle. Why spend your time doing that, when you can hire me to setup and design the site? Just sit back shoot me a couple of bit coins and let me do the heavy lifting. You'll look smart and the only acronym you need to know is HRTDI. (Hire Rich To Do It.)


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