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On Page SEO. Take care of the easy things.

Avid readers (insert laughter here) will remember my post from a while ago about the two Main Components of SEO, On Page, and Off Page.

The same readers will also remember I promised a post about On Page items, and here dear reader is that post.

There are lots of On Page must dos and I'm going to cover the biggies and the ones that are the easiest to address.

1) Page Titles. Page tiles, or title tags are the main text that describes your page. Page titles are easy to edit and very important to on page SEO. You'd be surprised at how many people end up having page titles like, "page 2" or some other default that gets plugged in when they create a page. So instead of a page title like "page 2" re-write it so it is relevant and descriptive to your page something like "New Summer Inventory"

2) <h> Tags or header tags, H tags are a way of writing .html text to let search engines know what text is most important on your site. H Tags kind of create an outline of your page. You can have multiple <h> tags, maybe as many as 6, but you should at least try to get 1 to 3 h tags on to different paragraphs on your site.

3) Use URLS that a short and help describe your page. Example don't create a page and then leave the URL like this, rather re-write that URL to something like this, do you best to keep URLs as short as possible.

The last thing, which really should be the first thing is try to provide the best and most relevant content on your site. It's a cliche for a reason, "Content is King." If you have content that real people want to read and consume you will start to rank for it.

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