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At an affordable price


Well, hello there!

My name is Rich. I live nearly smack in the middle of nowhere, but I have a laptop with a high speed internet connection.


I build simple and affordable websites. 


If you are looking for someone to help you get your business site online or up-to-date,  give me a call or drop a line.  I've been helping people get their business websites online since 2006. 

If you're curious about the photos and videos on my site, click here.


How I Can

Help You?

WeBSite dEsign 
I offer simple solutions for your website design projects.   Don't pay  a ton of money to someone to design your project.  I primarily use Wix to create simple and affordable websites.  You can visit my Wix FAQ page to find out more.     
SEARCh ENGINE optimization
Getting a website is the easy part.  Getting the old Google machine to find you is another.  I can help with that. 
PAY Per click advertising
Ever wonder why Google rules the world?  It's called pay/click, and I can show you how to do that. 
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